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Ok so when we think of Shane Hurlbut, we think of Terminator Salvation – Big TIME! Not truly independent in nature, but as you will see from this post, he is thinking about the indie filmmaker. He’s joined up with letus to create the Master Cinema Series collection that caters to the DSLR Filmmaker! At first looking at it I was like wow this is gonna be a lot of dineros. But it’s actually not as bad as I thought at first.

Vimeo member Tom Guilmette posted a great video commentary about the launch and guess what, some of my favorites were there too. Vincent Laforet and even Ryan “The Film Riot” Connoly. I love it. Why you ask, was Ryan there, well Ryan maintains that his job is to teach us indie filmmakers not be indie all our lives. 🙂 Well something like that in a nut shell! To see him there was awesome! I guess I need to get out more!

Well enjoy the videos

Maybe I’ll be making one soon of my new toys in action…when I get them…

Happy Filmmaking!

Here is the Letus Master Series site

Ok so everyone has been hearing about Georgia’s great tax credits to filmmakers. A lot of Hollywood studios have been relocating or opening divisions here in Georgia. An enterprising county decided to get in on some of the 1.5 Billion in film industry money that was spent in Georgia in the past few years. Smart move. Although it still leaves out the Independent Filmmakers but it’s great for the Hollywood class!

If you don’t know already, Mark SQuared is a Resource and Production Studio that provides INDEPENDENT MEDIA MAKERS with talent, equipment, resources, and knowledge to UnBox their creative visions. They are there to assist in the production process of short films, stage plays, and special event showcases to full feature movies. Their resource center is where you can meet and work with talented actors, directors, musicians, designers, stylist, film crews, and photographers all in one central location. They provide an exclusive studio rental space which includes CYC wall, green screen area, rehearsal/casting call room, and photography area. Becoming a member will allow you certain discounts and benefits of the facility.

I personally had a great experience with Mark SQuared while doing a music video project and they made my some what chaotic situation more bearable.  They are conscientious, patient and they understand the business.  Headed by Karlotta Washington, DreQuan Medallion and Tiffany Roberts they are expanding, growing to meet the needs of the independent media makers market and are also poised to be an integral part of Georgia’s growing media creative community. So if you are an out of the box thinker or even an in the box thinker, Mark SQuared is where you need to be, to Unbox Your Creativity!

My name is Michael Stewart and I approve this message!

Just a day before the passing of Apple’s innovator Steve Jobs, there was a key note announcement about the iPhone 4s and the new and improved IOS 5 with some of technologies most advanced features. I mean I was sitting in my seat saying, wow I can talk to my phone now…but voice response systems are not new to apple, I remember my first mac had that little HAL voice for telling time and they had a rudimentary type and response system too where you could type in a word and it would respond. So to see SIRI in action during Scott Forstall’s demonstration, was indeed a thrill! Yes it’s BETA but wow, what a BETA…I know there have been many blogs that have already spoken about it and I may be a little late but I take pride in doing a little more research myself, not to mention getting into all this film stuff keeps me busy as well. I’m excited about my soon to be new humble personal assistant.

Ok back to the topic, the iPhone now has 1080p video capability…wow…well there goes my need to get a GoPro…I wonder if they make an underwater case for the iphone yet…lol something to think about for all of you who like to create stuff. Also included for the video function is video stabilization . So you thought people were making movies with their comes back then with the iPhone 4, now wait till you see this. People may be getting rid of their point and shoots and even some of their Canon or Nikon gear….Sorry I’m keeping MINE 🙂

iPhone 4s

Also coming is the new IOS 5 which boast new innovative break throughs in an operating system. Utilizing the full power of the new A5 chip, doubling speed and allowing for some mind blowing graphics. New software integration and the list goes on, I mean you really should go on the Apple site to get all the real juicy specs.

Well enough blabbing, I’m gonna pre-order mine and when I get it, I’ll be able to tell you FIRST HAND how it’s really going down! Maybe I’ll have SIRI post to my blog herself…lol
Until next time, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

It’s not every day we meet or are surrounded by people that change the course of history in our lifetime. People that do so many amazing things, that you can’t see life without the items they may have either invented or innovated. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, it’s STEVE JOBS! Just think about it, since the iPod, the way we listen to music and the way we acquire music has been dramatically changed, even to the way we get movies. I know some people who still have the original 1st generation ipod and they love it, swear by it, it’s a piece of art! I’m glad to have been a part of this history making by owning quite a few of these devices myself.

I’ve not been so much of a tech junky where I go out and buy the next latest entry into the tech world but in this case, I will be getting the iPhone 4s, if for nothing else, to commemorate this technological innovator. I know that he surrounded himself with people who share his innovative way of thinking, so at this point, I believe his dream of setting standards and raising the bar will continue. His family and friends should and I would think, are most definitely proud of his legacy and what he has given to the world. A legacy that has changed the world. A legacy that has spawned a new dawn in the entertainment world. A legacy I see continuing to move forward!



Thank you Steve for many years of service. My condolences to his family and friends for this loss!

A quote from writer/radio host/TV producer Ira Glass, this is very true in all creative genres. I felt the same way when I started in the music business. I knew what I wanted to accomplish but I think the technology hadn’t caught up with my thoughts. So constantly felt like I was not up to par, though many clients loved what I was doing.  Now I’m a sponsored by Open Labs, who makes technology that allows us to be more creative and not have to worry abou the technical aspect of things.

Check out this video and truly LISTEN to what he is saying. We’ve all felt this way and we need to keep pushing forward. One of my favorite lines in one of my favorite animated features, Meet the Robinsons, is KEEP MOVING FORWARD. That theme radiates through out the picture.