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Welcoming 2012

Posted: December 31, 2011 in News

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this year flew by. It’s almost as if time is moving faster. Does this mean we have less time to do what we have to do or does it mean we are doing so much that time is passing by quickly. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Whatever it is, 2012 is upon us!

A recap of all the accomplishments and milestones would take me too long, but I may just highlight a few.

Emancipated from my 9 to 5 12/31/10
First official radio interview with the legendary Dianne Broomfield of WDGP Radio which caters to independent artists of all genres
2nd Radio interview with Star Jones on the LMB Network on WBOL-AM
Worked with the Artist Shop to bring Videography 101 to the youth
“Where I’m Going…” Received Independent Music Award’s R&B Album of the Year for 2011
Featured artist at Mark Squared Music Unboxed Series
“Running” first film I was on as gaffer and 2nd camera unit, won Atlanta and made it to nationals
Quarters 2nd film I was camera operator on, with writer/directors Leo Ricciardi and Maria Layus
Produced music for the hit stage play The Mistress Club written and directed by Tiffany Roberts of Simply Tiffany Soul
Worked on a short film called Check For Me by  writer/director Richard Castro
DP’d on a short film called Currency by writer/director/filmmaker Daniel Ransom
Co-produce the Bill Butler Jammin Show with legendary Skater Bill Butler, executively produced by Francis Palacios
Was Creative Director for WSEX Radio Show by Mr. Dean
Assistant camera on independent artist Neysa’s video for S.O.L.O. Directed by Leo Ricciardi and Maria Layus
DP’d, directed music video for independent recording artist LaFaye
DP’d music video for independent recording artist ItsRedge directed by Dave Evans
Assistant camera on independent artist Neysa’s music video Big Stupid Liar
Featured artist for Samantha Cardwell’s, Notes of Inspiration
DP’d on independent country singer Shane Lee’s first official music video, written and directed by Shane Lee
Performed several times on the stages of The Underground Atlanta(main stage and alley stage)
Started writing my own script for a short to come out next year -CodeName:Nightfall
Shot and edited the teaser trailer for one of the characters of CodeName:Nightfall

Wow as I sit and reminisce about all this, I am truly blessed to have been able to do so many things.  Often times we tend to accentuate the negative and what we don’t have and so on, instead of taking a little time to be thankful for the things we do have and have accomplished! I say that to myself first because there are times I fall victim to that same cycle!

Resolutions and new leaves are for TVs and Trees (you’ll get that later) I’m so not into that, but my resolve is strong in continuing to bring integrity to a corrupt and crazy industry, feel good music to patiently waiting listeners and more exciting images to the world of film. Yes, you can change the world…One Step At A Time! So walk your walk and as Jay White would assuredly say – TAP INTO YOUR DESTINY! I am not in the same place I was last year and next year those steps will be even greater!

To those I know and to those I don’t know I sincerely wish for you all a prosperous new year and may all your endeavors bring you what you want most in life! Remember the golden rule applies to everyone and everything across religious boundaries and social classes and different ethnic backgrounds. Happiness and love is the greatest of these for me!