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Ok, so after waiting so so very long, it’s HERE…..AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

So of course, I’m not going to wait on any ridiculous long line to see this film when I can wait a couple of days to see it in comfort! Well for me, it was well worth it!  I’ve been a Marvel comic book fan since I was a kid and this was by far the most exciting real action adventure version of a comic book story.  Not to mention the individual stories and their characters.

Some would say it lacked enough action in the beginning, but there was a story that needed to be told and I believe they told it well. In the beginning it seems that many had an issue with Joss Whedon as director of the Avengers.  Well I would say that he did a smashing job! I was a little distraught the they killed off Agent Phil Coulson played by Clark Gregg though.  It had humor, emotion and action, plenty of action.  I actually liked Ed Norton as Bruce Banner the mild-mannered super nerd (but I wouldn’t say that to his face, he has anger management issues), but Mark Ruffalo did a good job as well!  It’s nice that Lou Ferrigno was honored by being the voice of the Hulk for the new Avengers, to me that pays homage to the pioneers who started it off!  Of course Stan Lee makes a classic appearance. If you want to get mad at something, let’s take a brief look at The Last Airbender, or maybe not… never mind it was so bad I don’t want to bring it up in my blog.  M. Night was just not the right person to do The Last Airbender, they they butchered the pronunciations of the names, which sounded horrible, I mean the original writers were there, that should not have been a liberty given to him to change the names, when the followers of the series are well accustomed to the names! Tsk Tsk Tsk and now we have to wait until someone wants to pick up the reigns again and do a brand new version. Oops sorry let’s get back to business!

Cast Breakdown

Robert Downey Jr. has totally owned the Stark/Iron Man character.  I’ve always liked Robert Downey as an actor, he seems to get into his roles and plays them with passion.  Chris Evans, aka, The Torch, does a great job in playing Captain America, Steve Rogers, but what are we gonna do when we need the Torch again….they are gonna have to make the Captain America suite flame resistant.  What can I say about new comer Chris Hemsworth, who did a smash-up job in the first climactic scenes of Star Trek!  I can’t see any one else playing Thor but him now! Great presence on camera as the demi God of Thunder, he really makes me believe Thor is well and thundering! Scarlett Johansson, I’m still undecided about her.  I mean she fights well but, I’m just not sure…to me, she needs to be like Kate Beckinsale from Underworld…I mean Kate is just a beast with the fighting skills, I’d even take Carrie-Ann Moss who played Trinity from the Matrix with her scorpion kicks.  But we’ll see how Scarlett develops! I heard another comment pertaining to Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner, it was said that Legolas had to watch out….hmmmm I think NOT! Hawkeye is killer with his bow don’t get me wrong but he’s no match for Legolas Greenleaf an Elf of course played by Orlando Bloom plus Legolas can walk on snow and not leave a footprint…come on… but that’s just in my opinion, don’t want any hate mail about that so let’s continue shall we.  Tom Hiddleston as Loki, I love that as a bad guy he doesn’t mind really getting his hands dirty.  I mean he can fight with that damn staff can’t he.  But I think hulk made a pin cushion out of him, when he slammed his @$$ around like a doll.  Damn that’s gonna leave a mark, but to say the least, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Stellan Skarsgård has had a really good run so far. He’s acted in a lot of movies but most notably 2 of the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Thor, Angels and Demons and Beowulf and Grendel just to name a few.  Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, she is just right for the job! Demure & Sexy all in one package! Ok and last but not least Samuel L Jackson as SHIELDS Nick Fury, man he took some hits but he’s a fighter and of course a manipulator.  He knows what he needs to do to get the job done! I see from the photos that War Machine is expected to make an appearance!

So there you have it! All the right ingredients to make the right popping dish call the AVENGERS! If you didn’t see it, GO IMMEDIATELY! I will leave you with this….stay until the very very end so you can see how the set it up for the next movies and yes there’s gonna be MORE!