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Just a day before the passing of Apple’s innovator Steve Jobs, there was a key note announcement about the iPhone 4s and the new and improved IOS 5 with some of technologies most advanced features. I mean I was sitting in my seat saying, wow I can talk to my phone now…but voice response systems are not new to apple, I remember my first mac had that little HAL voice for telling time and they had a rudimentary type and response system too where you could type in a word and it would respond. So to see SIRI in action during Scott Forstall’s demonstration, was indeed a thrill! Yes it’s BETA but wow, what a BETA…I know there have been many blogs that have already spoken about it and I may be a little late but I take pride in doing a little more research myself, not to mention getting into all this film stuff keeps me busy as well. I’m excited about my soon to be new humble personal assistant.

Ok back to the topic, the iPhone now has 1080p video capability…wow…well there goes my need to get a GoPro…I wonder if they make an underwater case for the iphone yet…lol something to think about for all of you who like to create stuff. Also included for the video function is video stabilization . So you thought people were making movies with their comes back then with the iPhone 4, now wait till you see this. People may be getting rid of their point and shoots and even some of their Canon or Nikon gear….Sorry I’m keeping MINE 🙂

iPhone 4s

Also coming is the new IOS 5 which boast new innovative break throughs in an operating system. Utilizing the full power of the new A5 chip, doubling speed and allowing for some mind blowing graphics. New software integration and the list goes on, I mean you really should go on the Apple site to get all the real juicy specs.

Well enough blabbing, I’m gonna pre-order mine and when I get it, I’ll be able to tell you FIRST HAND how it’s really going down! Maybe I’ll have SIRI post to my blog herself…lol
Until next time, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!