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It’s not every day we meet or are surrounded by people that change the course of history in our lifetime. People that do so many amazing things, that you can’t see life without the items they may have either invented or innovated. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, it’s STEVE JOBS! Just think about it, since the iPod, the way we listen to music and the way we acquire music has been dramatically changed, even to the way we get movies. I know some people who still have the original 1st generation ipod and they love it, swear by it, it’s a piece of art! I’m glad to have been a part of this history making by owning quite a few of these devices myself.

I’ve not been so much of a tech junky where I go out and buy the next latest entry into the tech world but in this case, I will be getting the iPhone 4s, if for nothing else, to commemorate this technological innovator. I know that he surrounded himself with people who share his innovative way of thinking, so at this point, I believe his dream of setting standards and raising the bar will continue. His family and friends should and I would think, are most definitely proud of his legacy and what he has given to the world. A legacy that has changed the world. A legacy that has spawned a new dawn in the entertainment world. A legacy I see continuing to move forward!



Thank you Steve for many years of service. My condolences to his family and friends for this loss!